Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 35 - Only 53 Days Left Until the London Marathon


So, about that extra day of rest...yes. The answer is yes.

I didn't mention this in the previous blog but after the long run on Sunday. We moved from our apartment to a house in Arlington. It wasn't an all out move, like some of you may be thinking. When we moved from Calgary back to Dallas, we had most of our belongings shipped directly to London. We had a carload, a full carload, of things we needed to get by with until our move to London. We've now been in Dallas about five months and have started to collect things. Our one carload has grown to three. A couple of contributing factors: (1.) Pantry and food items, we had to buy food and a lot of basics like spices, sugar, flour, etc. (2.) Christmas, although we mostly got small things (in size) from friends and family, it adds up (3.) We are good at spending money.

What does this have to do with the marathon, my physical state of being, etc.? I'm getting there, promise.

Elise started getting sick earlier in day and progressively got worse by the evening. I didn't want her running up and down the stairs, running around the house packing and so forth. So instead, I made 10+ trips up and down our two flights of stairs. Any normal day, this would be no big deal. On Sunday though my legs were as beat up as they have ever been, I mean I barely finished the 22.5 mile route. Now, I'm running up and down stairs trying to pack the car as fast as I can so we can drive 35 minutes to Arlington to stay the night.

Very late but eventually we made it to Arlington and I didn't fall down the stairs. Good so far. That was the end of it though, we still had two more carloads left in the apartment to move. Monday night, right after work, we went back to the apartment. Elise was still sick. 10+ trips up and down the stairs, I had the second load ready to go. Around 10pm, we headed back to Arlington. Not over yet. I had to go back to the apartment for a final load. Got back to the apartment and made another 5+ trips up and down the stairs. I finally got home well after midnight, unpacked the car and went to bed exhausted.

So to recap.

Aproximately 50 flights of stairs
Very little sleep
Light lifting
Cross training on rest day, complete.

I checked daily mile, no StairMaster option. Bummer, I tallied steps this week.

All this to say, I deserve another day off from running.


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