Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 36 - Only 52 Days Left Until the London Marathon

Hi There,

The first few days in the new neighborhood, I've been trying to scope out where to run. It doesn't look very promising. I'm still not 100% from the weekend but it is time to get back out there pounding (softly pounding) the pavement.

Elise and I drove to the grocery store and found a route with sidewalks and mostly good lighting. The only not so encouraging parts are the gia-normous hills. I meant to take pictures of these things to share, I will eventually.

So off I go, seven miles to dominate. My focus tonight -- don't get hurt and don't let the hills win.

I managed to finish in 1hr or an 8:31 pace. Solid run and wasn't nearly as bad I had originally thought it would be. Started out with little motivation and felt strong at the end. Sprinted up and over the last hill to the finish.


1 comment:

  1. HILLS = SPEED!!!! I'm learning this..
    They suck, but they are a great factor assisting in achieving your speed goals!