Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 37 - Only 51 Days Left Until the London Marathon

Hi All,

Yes, I am way behind on blog posts but I'm committed to journaling each day of training. So I plan to knock out several each day until I catch up...which might mean by the time of the marathon.

This run was my second in the new neighborhood. I was feeling great in terms of my legs and general attitude towards running. I'm still not convinced about how these hills are going to effect my running. I mean we are not talking small grades or long and steady inclines. These things are like the hills you see in San Fran.

I wanted it on this run and took off a fast pace. The first part of the run was basically down a cliff, one I would have to run back up later, so I took full advantage, leaned back into my heels and went full speed down. That was as easy as it was going to get the next mile and half was a gradual uphill grade before monster hill after monster hill. I was determined to get a good time out of this run so I just kept pressing. By the time I reached my next downhill, I was nearly exhausted. Not much more to go at this point.

I turned the corner and faced the cliff that I originally came down, pressed forward on my toes and climbed up. My legs were burning all the way to the top, I realised I hadn't looked at my watch yet so I took a peak. I was averaging under 8min pace, so as much as I wanted to cruise in after the leg crusher, I sprinted the last quarter mile in. Gutted it out.

Results - 5.04 miles - 39:12 time - 7:46 pace

My first coherent thought after I caught my breath was "take that you f--ing hills and wind...wheeze.."



  1. Awesome!! Lol. I avoid hills! Hahahaha im trying to do better about just facing them knowing it will improve my running times and endurance ....but GEES I hate them!!

  2. Keep running those hills, you will have NO PROBLEM with your PR. They suck at the time, but reallllllly do work. Way to go! I've been watching for your udates!