Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 9 - Only 79 Days Left Until the London Marathon

Hi Everyone,

Wow. Best way to describe how sore I am practically all over.

Skipping back to the weekend, I wrote about the new gear I purchased. One item being my new runners, Brooks Ravena Eight. I have minimal amount of instability on my left foot causing minor pronation. The Ravena shoe has a small amount of posting that helps support the arch of the foot which is necessary to correct any pronation that occurs. I also bought the shoes because I'm approaching 400 miles on my current runners, Aasic Gel Nimbus 9s. I didn't want to wait until half way into training for the marathon to make a switch. So the plan was to slowly rotate these into my training routine and see how they handle.

I noticed very early into my first run with them on Tuesday night, that they were putting a good deal of pressure on my arches. By the end of the run, they had become uncomfortable. The next day was miserable as I was dealing with foot and shin pain. The tension carried over into my run last night and again today.

I'm not tempted to take the Ravenas back to the store and trade for a nuetral shoe like the Aasics I currently have. I haven't had any problems with my Aasics so I'm leaning towards another pair of the Gel Nimbus 9s. Before I get all return happy, I'm going to do some research on how to properly break in a new pair of shoes and common experiences when switching into a runner with posting material.

If you have any experience or advice on the topic, please respond.

Okay..on to tonight's run. Tonight was an amazing night to run with great weather. I honestly wish I would have been able to enjoy it more. I had to talk myself into actually running this evening, not because of laziness or lack of motivation, but because of the foot and leg soreness I've been dealing with all day. It didn't even feel good to walk. I was a little worried that I would injure or may have already injured my right foot. After dinner tonight, I ice bundled both feet (ankle and sole) and them before the run a long 30 minute soak in hot water with epsom salts. Even then, my feet and ankles were questionnable for a run. The entire run was filled with blister, right outside foot, left inside ankle, both shins, and left knee nagging at me for 60 mins and 44 seconds. I tried two or three times during the run to talk myself into cutting the run short and getting extra rest. While, I did finish the distance I'm not overly excited about it. I struggle between the thought of "Go me, way to battle" and "stubborn asshole, you should have rested".

Very much looking forward to the rest day tomorrow, lots of protien, l-glutamine and complex carbs. Hooray for rest day Friday.

Today's Stats -- Distance: 6.55 miles -- Time: 1:00:44 -- Pace: 9:16

Okay so I feel like the lack of sleep and general condition of my body has made my last few blogs come across bitter. So on a much more positive note:

  • Around the World - I'm now .02 times around the world. I thought I'd be at .01 forever. My DailyMile friends will relate. See below.

  • The Children's Trust - Our team coordinator sent me a picture of the team. They had a team training event this past weekend, so she was able to get a shot. I'm excited to join them soon and make it out to the training days.

A big thanks to Phil & Mary for the sponsorship and donation to The Children's Trust. Up to a £100 donated.



  1. When I got mine (Brooks adrenaline- I too, pronate) They told me to walk in them for a few hours, a few easy runs before taking off in them to do anything too hard. I didn't do that, but it was a suggestion. LOL. I bought mine, and ran 6 miles in them that day. 2 days later did a speed work out ... I will say that now that they are broken in, I notice how much I really do like them, and how much support I was missing! -- I haven't had any pain like I have with previous shoes though. Hope that helps?

  2. Thanks Kristen, glad to know it's normal for this to happen sometimes. I almost decided to take them back earlier this week but made a last minute decision to run with them today and was glad that I did.