Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 8 - Only 80 Days Left Until the London Marathon

Hi Everyone,

Tonight was great, we'll everything except for my run. We went to a wine dinner with a friend, great food and great wine. Both factors that I'm sure didn't help my run this evening. On top of that I really haven't got much sleep the last few nights, I'm looking forward to a couple of good nights over the weekend.

Stats -- Distance: 6.55 miles -- Time: 59:52 -- Pace: 9:08 blah

The run started out fine but two miles in my legs started to tense up and my lungs sluggish with cold air. The rest of the run from there on out seemed rather miserable. At one point, I almost convinced myself to call the run short. As delicious as my dinner was, believe me it was, it didn't taste nearly as good while I was burping it up the entire run...gross I know.

I'd like to make the most out of every run, especially with the limited time before the marathon but know these nights are going to happen. I'm going to get my run in earlier tomorrow evening and take it nice and easy...pace aside.

Looking for nutrition ideas. Let me know if you have some.



  1. one of the only nutritional ideas I can offer is to recover from your run with food/beverage that has a 3:1 ratio of Carbs:Protein. Chocolate milk is the best example...but with your distances, you need to make sure your replinish and recover right!!

  2. Thanks Mel! I'll it out this weekend. Also, thanks for the website link.