Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 21 - Only 67 Days Left Until the London Marathon

Hi Everyone,

Today marks three weeks of training. I'm feeling good about the progress. Before I started this round of training, my longest distance was 15miles and my fastest 3mile was 24min. Longest distance is now at 20mi and fastest 3mi at 22min - good start but a long ways to go. For those that don't know, a marathon is 26mi and a 3'40" race is an 8:24 pace...a lot work still ahead and I have to stay healthy.

Tonight's run was a quick loop around he neighborhood (2.97mi / 25:23 time / 8:32 pace). Crazy to think that pace won't even be good enough at 26.2 miles to make my goal...yikes.

Managed to get my yoga/runner stretches in tonight and a good ice down on the legs. I'm going to keep it short again tonight because I also have a goal of 8hrs of sleep, also a big help towards recovery and staying motivated and healthy.

A big thanks to those that recently donated to The Children's Trust. I'm grateful and know the Trust as well as the families they support greatly appreciate the gesture. http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/runflickrun

Thanks All ~RunFlickRun~


  1. Did you find a few good stretches that you like?

  2. Yes, I found a good set of 10 poses for runners and I've incorporated a few from the video you sent me. I haven't made it through all of the them from the video...just haven't made enough time to watch them all.

  3. The back half of the stretches are the best.