Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 28 - Only 60 Days Left Until the London Marathon


Best I have felt physically since I began training for the marathon. I felt like I had springs in my legs tonight. I was bouncing off the pavement. Good timing as well because tonight was my first night running Yasso 800s. Kristen passed this idea along to me a few weeks back and I decided to incorporate.

If you need a refresher, Yasso 800s are very simple. You run for 800 meters or a half mile at the time you plan to finish your marathon in. For me, I need to complete each 800m in 3minutes and 40 seconds (7:20 pace). After each 800, you jog for an equal amount of time then again at the goal pace for another 800m. The objective is to get up to Yasso 800s in one workout at your goal time before your event.

I ran them a little faster than 3:40 and the entire three mile run allowed me to complete 800s. My overall pace was 7:27, very good for me. Yasso 800s are alleged to be an amazingly accurate predictor of your marathon pace time. I guess we'll see.

Time for some sleep.



  1. Fun stuff! I just did my 2nd set last night. Can't wait to see the effects! -- Next I am going to try hill repeats!

  2. Hill repeats...all I hear is torture, self inflicted torture...and faster times.

  3. LOL. I will try it soon! Let you know.