Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 29 - Only 59 Days Left Until the London Marathon


Today's run was all about a new route, something to switch it up. The run started with an uphill over highway 75 and through a very nice area of Dallas, Highland Park. The path took me Hilcrest which passes a couple of nice parks before it peaks at SMU with a great view of the city skyline lit up at night. I haven't spent much time at the SMU campus but decided I would start running there more often. The campus is great, reminiscent of my days at OSU.

I was only meant to run 6 miles but a new route meant taking a longer way around, ending up at 7 miles.

Not all parts of the run were as nice as the Highland Park and SMU. Heading back down Mockingbird, I came across a crime scene. No joke. They had a large apartment community surrounded. The first corner I came to had an officer with a semi-automatic weapon, then the helicopter came circling above. When I reached the other end of the community, there was an ambulance with EMTs scrambling around. There were also people lined up on a curb, didn't look like they a were in trouble but possibly required to stay as witnesses. Crazy stuff, also a reminder that I should probably not run as late at night.

Some stats -- Distance: 7.01 -- Time: 1:00:38 -- Pace 8:32



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