Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 26 - Only 62 Days Left Until the London Marathon


I'm gaining more confidence as each week passes by. Today was the fastest 10mi I've run (8:23 pace). The only time faster at a longer distance for me was the Route 66 Half Marathon (8:12 pace). My only regret, if I had one, would be that I finished with a lot of energy.

I could have pushed harder.

I've been trying to allow my recovery week, be that, recovery. It is hard to back off a run when you settle into a stride and it feels almost effortless. There is a desire that develops throughout the course of a run like I had today where you want to burn as fast as you can as long as you can. Like your physical limits are taunting you, saying "come on, that's all you got, come on test me" This probably seems silly to most people reading it but it's exactly the type of thought process I go through. Part of journaling my experience.

I may have also had some extra motivation today. I sat around stretching and watching a documentary on climbing Mount Everest. Yes, this is one of my life goals. I expect to do this in my mid to late thirties. I'd probably try it earlier but career and the sheer cost of an expedition will push it back to later in life. Plus training, gaining experience as a climber, etc. A lot, a whole lot has to happen before that dream can become a reality. I've digressed. What motivated me was thinking of the mental fitness required for a marathoner versus an elite mountaineer. If I ever want to climb Everest (or at least attempt to summit), I have a lot to learn just overcoming the mental challenges of running long distance.

My 10mi run today was a small personal victory, those over time will build mental toughness. A toughness required to take on challenges that elevate you into that top 1%. I refuse to live a normal life.

Might be part runner's high talking tonight but who cares. I love it.



  1. Good job j! Sop proud of u for making ur dreams happen. You inspire me to set goals and settle for nothing short of that goal! Ur amazing!!! Can't wait to see u achieve all u aspire to!

  2. hey I remember you talking about audiobooks for your runs. I saw this deal today and thought of you. It might be worth trying:

  3. Mel - thanks, means a lot. Excited to see you guys this weekend.

    Blake - thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

    I also found an app on my itouch called FreeBook. Tons of free books on audio. I downloaded the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes but haven't tried it out on my runs yet. I have a 22 mile run on Sunday so we'll see.