Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 32 - Only 56 Days Left Until the London Marathon


The calm before the storm. Fitting to explain this run.

A spectacular day outside and a short three mile run. Better yet I had yesterday off, family in town, and Mel ran with me. I was feeling pretty good and especially relaxed.

Mel set the pace and we ran a route through around through the lakes and by the country club at The Village. Lots of people out near the lakes with thier kids and dogs, other runners. Good recipe for feel good run. Thanks Mel for the great run, I enjoyed the company. I can count on one hand the number of non-solo runs I've had. You're part of a pretty exclusive proud.

I'm glad I took it easy because the run to follow is the most difficult physical challenge I've ever experienced.


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  1. Well there aren't many advanced runners who would take the time out if their day or training to run with a slower less advanced mate. Thank you! It was a great run and nice to just be at ease and run. You didn't make me feel like I was holding you back and you weren't constantly trying to speed me up. That's a comfortable pressure. Im just glad jacelynn survived lol!