Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 31 - Only 57 Days Left Until the London Marathon


Today is a rest day. An important rest day, my biggest run yet is only a couple of days out. I couldn't think of a better way to rest than going rock climbing.

We had a great time, and was well exhausted afterwards. I forgot how good of a work-out it can be. I kind of clumbsily maneuvered my way around the walls but still had fun. I was ultra impressed with Jonathan, he was making Australian walls look easy while I was the fat kid who probably shouldn't be making a fool of himself.

Nutrition today was terrible. Pancakes and bacon for breakfast, tex-mex for lunch and pizza for dinner..good thing I got some type of work-out in today.

Just a quick reminder. I have a goal to help raise money for the charity I am running for. I don't benefit from any of the donations, just to be clear. I believe in their organisationation and the help they give to families that have children with brain injuries. I also had a traumatic brain injury as an 8 year old, it took help from a lot groups to see my recovery through. Look at me know, I'm almost normal. :-)

A special thank you to those that have already donated.


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