Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 30 - Only 58 Days Left Until the London Marathon


In my last post I mentioned not running so late at night. Well, we had friends that flew into Dallas for the weekend and didn't land until around 10pm. I would have ran beforehand but was catching up on a few last minute items with work since I took off Friday. My run didn't get started until after 12am.

Although mostly uneventful, there were a few interesting characters out at this time of night. First was two young people, punk rock look going for them. The guy was obviously trying hard to seal the deal and the girl an obvious tease...I'll come back to this in a minute. Along the first couple of miles, I passed through the thick aroma of some late night pot smokers and an elderly man with his oxygen bottle and nurse pushing him around. He said hi. I said hi back. Then on the third mile I was passing a lot of the department stores off of Greenville Ave. which was mostly quiet and I spent most of my focus on dodging water sprinklers and anticipating sections that might go off any moment like roadside IEDs. As I passed Fudruckers, this little black Honda hatchback came flying by with no regard for my presence (remember I was in the parking lot dodging explosive water sprinklers). He pulled up in front of the PetsMart, hopped out an started looking around with a nervous look on his face, he pulled out a set of keys, looked around some more, stared at me (now he notices me), and then opens the front doors. He had keys so I'm not sure why he was acting so suspicous, guess I'll never know. Carrying on I came back into the neighborhood and ran across the two punk rockers. He was obviously still trying and she was still putting on the show. Not much happened on the next loop but again I ran across the punk rock duet. The guy this time looked like he was fed up with the walking BS and was ready to be somewhere else, probably with the guys smoking pot up the street. She still seemed to be enjoying the near hour long walk in the park. All I have to say is SUCKER. I truly do hope that after all that effort it paid off for him. I bet that makes me sound insentive, but I'm just being a realist. :-)

While all this may seem completely unrelated to my run, it actually has a lot to do with it. It is those types of little things you notice when you are running solo. I'm not sure I would have paid nearly as much attention to what was happening around me if I had a running mate. Not that anyone would want to run with me at 12:30am... I appreciate that aspect of solo running. Too much of my life is spent zoned out and out of touch with life that is happening all around me.

Half way through my most intense week of training to date. Looking forward to a weekend with my family. Yes family.



  1. Isn't it amazing the things you notice, when you're forced to disconnect with your own world!